” Lyric’s sound and is a soulful blend of  pop/rock with an infusion of blues/jazz.  He holds his Royal Conservatory Guitar Certificate and is influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, 30 Seconds to Mars, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Django Reinhardt and Jacob Collier.  Lyric has labelled his unique sound “REVOLUTION ROCK“.

Lyric’s NEWEST Single “Purple Sky” is available for streaming and download now!

“From a very young age it was obvious there is something special about him, not just another great guitar player but also an impressive songwriter. I predict that in a few years the whole world will know who he is!”


Mascot Label Group CEO

Lyric Dubee Musician

PURPLE SKY – Released March 22, 2024

Purple Sky” by Lyric Dubee introduces a fresh, acoustic sound that marks a new direction in his musical journey. This single, leading up to an anticipated EP, blends folk influences with contemporary acoustic artistry, showcasing the warmth of real instruments and collaborative musicianship.

It’s a reflective piece, aiming to connect with listeners on a personal level through its authentic sound and emotional depth. “Purple Sky” invites both long-time fans and those new to Dubee’s music to experience a side of his artistry that prioritizes the raw, natural beauty of acoustic music, making it a notable addition to his evolving musical repertoire.

SUDDEN DEATH OF STARS – Released March 13, 2020

Sudden Death Of Stars is Lyric’s 6th official album/EP release featuring 3 new tunes.  It is a culmination of the last 13 years of Lyric’s music and draws techniques and inspirations from 5 different albums to shape the “ambient alt-rock” that is Sudden Death Of Stars (SDOS).  

SDOS features haunting piano intros that shifts into a classic “post-rock bliss” verse with a big chorus keeping the bass lines tight and the guitar pulsing to get your feet tapping. 

Sail With Me is for the musicians in the audience. Featuring strong harmonizing guitar riffs throughout the tune it sets itself aside from other radio tunes with various time changes between 5/4 and 6/8 throughout the song; however, careful to not lose the contemporary appeal. Still true to the “ambient alt-rock” of the EP, it’s a perfect middle ground between the easy listener and the musician looking to dive a little deeper into the technical aspect. 

Lost and Found is the guitar driven “radio” song of the EP. At under 3 mins long, it wastes no time kicking things into drive with a catchy guitar riff to send off the tune followed shortly by a present verse and chorus. Musically, it suits the “easy listening” vibe of the album and later introduces a build reminiscent to that of SDOS keeping the energy high!

ALL THIS TIME – Released Apr 2019

Lyric Dubee’s All This Time CD features 12 songs and comes with a 12 x 12 poster.  Each CD cover is custom made and one of a kind from 100% recycled material (vinyl, leather or fabric).  Lyric decided against the traditional plastic enclosure to help the environment. 


Lyric’s diversity shines through on this CD as he stays true to his musical genre by drawing influence from the musical styles he has studied.  You will hear a range of Funk & Rock to Blues & Pop.  His first single All This Time was released May 2018 followed by Come Around Again in Nov 2018 which was a finalist in the ISSA Awards for best single.  In Jan 2019 he released Can’t Say No and in March released 2 more singles Back Home and Shoulda Went Home.

 SHOULDA WENT HOME – Single released Mar 29, 2019

“FUNKIFIED BLUESIFIED SOULIFIED & ROCKIFIED. Really shows your diversity and your growth as an artist.”

Randy Skaggs


BACK HOME – Single Released Mar 29, 2019

Will be adding the new tune to our master playlist! I love the video for “Back Home” – makes me dance in my seat!! 

Bootsy Hambone

KKID 92.9fm

COMBAT OF LOVE – Released Sept 2015

COMBAT OF LOVE which was recorded in LA with Grammy Award Winning Producer Warren Huart has 12 songs.

“Linger” from his 4th album debuted at #7 on the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) National Airplay top 50 ROCK Chartson Oct 17/15

“Linger” is climbing on the ACC and is now at #11 on the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) National Airplay Top 50 Adult Contempory Charts

“Linger” debuted at #21 on the Top 80 Independent Artists Charts.

“Combat of Love” debuted at #11 on the US Top 20.FM Count Down in Hollywood California “The World’s NB1 Weekly Top 20 Countdown Show | Broadcast On Over 500 Stations”.

Lyric ended up being a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition and “Why”, “Linger” and “Combat of Love” are being spun on radio stations around the world.

I like this “Combat Of Love!” … It has some damned good guitar work + lyrics set to what I would call a semi – rock beat! … Pleasing to the ear & containing just enough emotion to keep you coming back for another listen! … Can’t wait to hear some more of this guys work!”


BLACK ICE  – Released Sept 2015

The first single showcasing his new deeper voice and mature sound BLACK ICE was released in May 2014. The second single a catchy pop song THEY SAY dropped in June 2014, a smooth classical ballad which evokes emotional connections BRIDGE TO NOWHERE released in July 2014 and in September 2015 Lyric released the completed BLACK ICE album the same day as his 4th CD COMBAT OF LOVE

“100 to Zero” charted at #2 on the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) National Airplay top 20 POP Charts on Aug 22, 2016

“Black Ice” was featured on Discover Hit Music – a Licensed To Play site

The first 3 singles garnered him awards:

WON Best Young Songwriter at the Toronto Independent Music Award for “Bridge to Nowhere” AND “Black Ice”

WON Best Music Video for “Black Ice” at PLaYr York Region Film Festival

Semi-Finalist: 2014 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for “Bridge to Nowhere”

WON Honorable Mention with the song “They Say” in the “Teen” category in the 2014 Unsigned Only Music Competition

“Lyric continues to outdo himself with each and every song. He is a lot like Eric Clapton, you never know what is coming, but when it gets there it blows you away… He is going to become a legend.”


“I have never seen anyone so young sound so great, original and musically sophisticated. Both albums are really great!


bassist for The Pretenders & recorded with Steve Vai, Neil Zaza, Cyndi Lauper, Little Steven, Tina Turner, Dan Hartman and Billy Joel

ALIVE – Released 2012

Lyric wrote all the songs for his 2nd album ALIVE
which was released at age 14 to rave reviews and international sales.

The “Alive – Music Video” WON Best Music Video at the PLaYr York Region Film Festival 2014

Like his Debut album this new CD is another gem that must be heard! Each track is a masterpiece that truly demonstrates just how talented young Lyric is in his writing and arrangement skills. In addition to this, Lyric’s vocals are now more mature as his vocals have dropped dramatically.”



BROKEN DREAMS (Debut Album) – Released 2011

Lyric wrote all the songs for his first album

Lyric WON the BEST YOUNG SONGWRITER award at the Barrie New Music Festival 2011

Rogers TV used his album as the soundtrack for a show they were launching “New Slang”

“Canada over the years has brought about some great superstars of music, like Shania Twain and Justin Bieber. Now we have another great artist coming from Canada, and he has the ability to be the greatest yet. Lyric Dubee will be, “Canada’s Newest Superstar”!”