Lyric Dubee Press 2017


The dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. On the other hand it could simply be defined in the name Lyric Dubee. more…


Blues.GR blog interview 2016

Blues.GR blog Interview

Nov 2016 – Q&A with Canadian multi-genre artist Lyric Dubee, personalize his own style of music known as Revolution Rock.  more…

Rogers TV NightTime 2016 Interview

Roger’s Night Time TV Interview

Mar 2016 – Roger’s Night Time TV interview Arlene Paculan  more…

CrankIt-Up Magazine Cover

CrankIt-Up Music Magazine

Feb 2016 – Cover of Magazine and Feature! more…


MediaZoic – All Natural Music Feature

Jan 2016 – Featured artist for January on Tune in at 6pm hear the interview and music! more…

The Mondrian Hotel Lyric Dubee Interview

Mondrian Hotel – Back Of House Interview

Jan 2016 - Lyric Dubee is a multi-talented Canadian performer who is part of Robert Knight and Maryanne Bilham’s group of up and coming musicians. Lyric already has four albums under his belt and at a young age of 17, is still very early in his career.  more…

Elmore Magazine

Elmore Magazine

Jan 2016 – Article about the brotherhood of the guitar more…


 Metropolis Magazine Review

Metropolis Magazine

Dec 2015 - With vocal tones reminiscent of those of Ed Sheeran and Passenger, and delivery similar to that of groups like One Direction, Dubee can appeal to millions of screaming teenage girls with sensitive pop anthems. Wielding his guitar like a young Richie Sambora, he essentially incorporates a timely hybrid of the most successful musical offerings of the ’80s, with occasional nods to musicians’ musicians like Rush and Radiohead. more…

 Canadian Musician Radio interview Lyric Dubee


Dec 2015 – featured on CANADIAN MUSICIAN RADIO in the Canadian Spotlight smack in the middle of a RUSH interview more…

Crowe Magazine 15th Anniversary feature

CROWE Magazine feature

Dec 2015 – 15th Anniversary feature and interview


MusicDish China

Nov 2015 - MusicDish*China Presents Lyric Dubee ‘Young & Restless’ China Tour: Performing 14 shows in a dozen cities, the China tour will follow their participation in Canadian Blast Export – Japan Music Trade Mission   more…

Top 40 Charts

T4C – Top 40 Charts News

Nov 2015 – Announcing Lyric Dubee Asia tour. more…


CIMA – Music Mission to Japan

Nov 2015 - This year’s Mission will include 8 Canadian artists performing at two important showcase opportunities – a public concert and showcase at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE in Tokyo, and 
another at the prestigious Oscar Peterson Theatre at the Canadian Embassy more…

Toronto Independent Music Award

Winner of Best Young Songwriter 2015 Toronto Independent Music Awards

Oct 2015 – Pleased and honoured to announce my award at the 2015 Toronto Independent Music Awards for the Best Young Songwriter!

 Toronto Independent Music Award

Appearance/performance on “The Being Frank” late night talk show

Oct 2015 – Interview and live performance with Lyric Dubee on The Being Frank Show.

 SIRIUS Radio - What She Says Interview 2015

Sirius Radio – What She Said

Oct 2015 – Interview with the hosts of What She Said on SiriusXM Canada more…

 Beach Booster Magazine

Beach Corner Magazine

Oct 2015 – Interview with Lyric Dubee, Hunter Craig,Bobby Rosson, Steve Costello and Robert Knight.  more…

 Torchlight Talent 2015

Torchlight Talent Interview & Review of CD Release Party

Oct 2015 - One of the greatest advantages of being the founder of Rivenmaster’s Place is that I have been privileged to watch so many young artists begin their careers. A number of them had not yet produced their first music video or even had a photo shoot prior to my first contact with their parent or manager. more…

 Beach Booster Radio 2015

Beach Booster Radio

Sept 2015 – This week on Beach Corner on Tuesday, September 29th and Thursday, October 1st at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on is my Beach Corner interview with Lyric Dubee at his CD Release Party on September 19th at the Moving Art Centre in Barrie. Lyric released not one but two albums and a music video titled “Young & Restless”. I was backstage with Lyric, his bandmates and manager extraordinaire, Robert Knight prior to his show.  more…


OPJAM Music Blog Interview & Video Feature

Sept 2015 – Lyric Dubee is a 17-year-old Canadian musician who just released his fourth album “Combat of Love”. We had the opportunity to talk to Lyric about his early start to his musical career and motivation becoming the musician he is today.  more…

 Rogers TV 2015

Rogers TV Daytime Interview

Sept 2015 – Interview and performance with band more…


Rock n Roll Art Exhibit at Delano Hotel, Las Vegas

Sept 2015 – Lyric Dubee is featured as part of a stunning display of Rock n Roll photographs by Maryanne Bilham & Robert M Knight. An interactive exhibit where you can hear Lyric’s music, read his bio and information about the photo shoot.

Lyric Dubee on cover of Guitar International Magazine

Guitar International Magazine

Aug 2015 – Interview with Rick Landers Lyric Dubee, a young man who could as easily be mistaken for a surfer dude, than as a rock ‘n roll artist who’s music has been coined, “Revolution Rock”.  Watch him play and it’s obvious, he’s comfortable playing rock, pop, jazz and blues as a blend or on their own, with equal intensity.  more…

 Sirius Radio Interview

SIRIUS radio

Jul 2015 – Interview on the Ward and Al show discussing upcoming events with the band, crowd funding project and 2 new albums.


CP24 Kickstarter Campaign Interivew

Jul 2015 – Interview with Jamie about new plans for releasing the next 2 albums.

Ebiz interview with Greg Longley

Ebitz New Interview with Greg Longley

Jul 2015 – Musician, recording artist Lyric Dubee carving out his own path in music.  Lyric Dubee is a musical prodigy in the truest sense …

 Les Paul's 100th anniversary celebration jam session at Iridium Jazz Club

Les Paul’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

Jun 2015 – Lyric Dubee performs onstage at Les Paul’s 100th anniversary celebration jam session at Iridium Jazz Club on June 9, 2015 in New York City.

Walking the Red Carpet – Les Paul 100th Anniversary Celebration

Walking the Red Carpet

Jun 2015 – Lyric Dubee and Steve Costello at Les Paul 100th Anniversary Celebration – Arrivals at Hard Rock Cafe New York on June 09, 2015 in New York City. more…

Discover Hit Music Interview with Lyric Dubee

PART 3 – Discover Hit Music Skype Interview

Jun 2015 -Writing with Dave Dunlop (Rik Emmett)

 Discover Hit Music Interview with Lyric Dubee

PART 2 - Discover Hit Music Skype Interview

May 2015 -Discussing Recent Los Angeles Visit.


 Discover Hit Music Interview with Lyric Dubee

PART 1 – Discover Hit Music Skype Interview

Apr 2015 - Discussing Nashville Recording.



 Lyric Dubee on Beach Booster Radio March 2015

An Interview and LIVE performance on-air at Beach Booster Radio

Mar 2015 – An entertaining interview with Lyric Dubee.
Lyric is the next up and coming star from Canada. Only 16-years-old, he just finished recording his 4th album with Multi-Platinum Grammy Award, Warren Huart in Los Angeles.


 Lyric Dubee wearing ICJUK tee with Slash

Lyric Rocks ICJUK

Feb 2015 – Lyric Dubee is an up and coming Canadian artist. His appreciation for a variety of genres including rock, pop, blues, and jazz has launched him into success at a young age. Recently Lyric added some new threads to his rock and roll wardrobe


 Black Ice Featured on DiscoverHitMusic

“Black Ice” Featured on Discover Hit Music

Feb 2015 – Discover Hit Music is a Licensed To Play site, featuring only 207 well written tracks.




Interview/performance with Corey Taylor of Las Vegas Radio

Feb 2015 – Interview with Corey Taylor of Las Vegas radio



 CP24 Breakfast TV live interview with new band

Lyric Dubee introduces NEW band on CP24 Breakfast TV

Nov 2014 - Lyric joins Jamie and Nneka to introduce band and talk about what future plans are underway.  

 Lyric Dubee Stars 2 Come

Lyric Dubee, The New Guitar God?

Nov 2014 - Lyric has been making music for many years.i When he picks up a guitar it’s pure magic what he does. His fingers move effortlessly from one end to the other of the neck. Watching him make something from nothing with such ease you wonder how. Could he be the next guitar God?  He has become one of the greatest guitarists that rock or any genre has seen in a longtime.  Read more…

 Live performance and interview on Rogers TV Daytime

LIVE Performance and Interview on Rogers TV Daytime

Nov 2014 – Lyric introduces his NEW band and performs 2 new songs for Rogers TV Daytime in Barrie

 Having fun at Ryerson University Radio

Ryerson University Radio Interview/Performance

Nov 2014 – Interview and live performance with new band for The Scope College radio station

 Lyric Dubee WINS Most Promising Youth at Barrie Arts Awards 2014

Lyric Dubee WINS Most Promising Youth Award at Barrie Arts Award

Nov 2014 - Sixteen-year-old Lyric Dubee won the Most Promising Youth award. Born and raised in Barrie, he started his music career at age nine and has just returned from Los Angeles where he was working on recording his fourth album.  Full article…


 Deirdre interviewing Lyric Dubee on Musically Yours Rogers TV

Deirdre of Musically Yours Rogers TV Brampton Interviews Lyric

Nov 2014 – Season 5 MYDM TV Show/03 Premiered Friday, Nov 7, 2014 with Guest Artist ‘Lyric Dubee’  Watch here…


 Patty's Interview

Skype Radio Interview

Oct 15 – Skype Radio interview with Patty Hunter from Fort Wayne  Watch here…

 Lyric Dubee in Barrie Advance 2014

Barrie Advance Interview

Sept 9 –  Never stop playing — that’s the advice 16-year-old songwriter/singer Lyric Dubee has for aspiring musicians. Read more…

 Lyric Dubee  and manager Robert Knight on CP24

CP24 Breakfast TV Live Interview & Performance

Aug 2014 - Nneka and Jamie chat with Lyric and Celebrity Rock Photographer Robert M Knight  Watch here

 Black Ice Single Review 2014

Black Ice Single Review

Jun 2014 – Black Ice is another incredible song, Lyric continues to deliver great songs one after another. There are not many  artists that can create such works of art as Lyric does. The lyrics in his songs always have a great flow to them and are  written so well they never leave you head. The melody in Black Ice is hypnotizing and pulls you deeper into the story in the song.  More… 


CP24 Breakfast TV interview

CP24 Breakfast TV Interview

June 2014 – Live interview with Pooja and Nneka discussing upcoming album, NXNE performance and education Watch here

 Rock 95 New Music Hour

Black Ice spun on Rock 95

June 2014 – First single released from upcoming 3rd album spun on Rock 95′s New Music Hour with Craig Ross

 Ryerson University Radio Interview

Ryerson University Radio Interview/Performance

June 2014 – Interview and performance with The Scope College radio station

TV interview on Musically Yours – Rogers Channel 10

June 2014 – Showcasing for the full month of June on the MYDM TV show (Musically Yours) on Rogers Channel 10 in Mississauga, Brampton, and rest of the Peel region and on TV Cogeco Niagara.  Discussing new upcoming album.

 Multimedia York Region Film Festival

MMFFYR Red Carpet Rogers TV Interview

May 2014 – Interview after receiving 1st place award at Multimedia Film Festival of York Region

 Film Festival 1st Place Award

1st Place Award at Film Festival

May 2014 - ALIVE Video wins 1st place at the Multimedia Film Festival of York Region


 Rogers TV Christmas Special

Rogers TV Christmas Event

Dec 2013 – Live performance joined by a puppet!  

 Musically Yours TV Interview

Musically Yours TV Interview

Dec 2013 – Interview with Deirdre talking about newest music video ALIVE and recent USA tour.

 Trend Custom Tailor Blog2

Trend Custom Tailor Blog

Dec 2013 – This week we had the opportunity to work with young singer songwriter and guitarist Lyric Dubee for some musically inspired clothing.  More… Part I or Part II

Georgian Arts - Rogers TV

Georgian Arts – Rogers TV

Sept 2013 – Live interview and jammin’ some blues with Damian Spaulding on “Georgian Arts” at Rogers TV More…

 Toronto Music Blog


Aug 2013 – When I first met Lyric and his parents and heard how busy Lyric kept with his music, lessons and gigging, my assumption was that his parents were pushing him. It didn’t take long, though, to realize it’s the other way around. Lyric has changed his parents lives. He pushes them to get him opportunities to perform in front of an audience. He wants to improve his musical skill and works hard at it. More… 


MaxInc Radio

Jul 2013 - Recorded interview about Lyric’s music, interests and future plans.

 nxne - interview

NXNE interview by Luke Williams – The Scope at Ryerson University

Jun 2013 - Live recorded interview about Lyric’s past, present and future endeavours. More…


NeXt by NE: Lyric Dubee

June What’s On featured artist – NeXt by NE looks to the next generation of NXNE artists by programming bands made up exclusively of musicians 18 and under. In a few years you’ll be seeing many of these young artists headline future festivals and hearing them on the air. Come and catch them this year so you can say “I saw them when…” More..


Lyric Dubee “ALIVE” CD Release Party

May 2013 Issue – Over 300 people came out to celebrate with Lyric Dubee at the Cava Lounge for the Official release of his second CD titled ‘Alive’. The party was packed to the rafters with friends, family and fans. Other great local acts included Carley Kavanaugh, Tori Hathaway and Grant Boyer. At age 9 Lyric began taking guitar lessons using his father’s guitar. More…


Meet Lyric Dubee

May 2013 Issue – A 15 year old teen singer, songwriter, guitarist from Barrie. ​This is one young man that you are going to be hearing a lot about, if you haven’t already.​ More…


Young musician releases album

Apr 17, 2013 – On Sunday, Lyric Dubee, local Barrie singer and songwriter, performed at the launch of his second album Alive at the Cava Lounge. People of all ages came to celebrate Dubee’s newest album.More…


Rogers TV performance

April 2, 2013

Barrie Advance Article Feb 2013

Teen Musician comes ALIVE with Sophomore album

Feb 16, 2013 – At 5 a.m., while most of his classmates are still sleeping, Lyric Dubee is on his way to music lessons.
“It’s hard to fit it all in, with homework and school, and performing gigs, but I want to keep learning,” said the musician who is working towards his Grade 6 guitar. More…


The Grateful Web – Lyric Dubee | Alive | Review

Jan 30, 2013 – Is there an average age at which a person can be considered mature enough to be under the lights of a reflector or behind the camera? More…

 Alliston Herald

Rising music star back with second album

Jan 29, 2013 – About two years after stepping into the music scene with his debut CD Broken Dreams, Baxter’s Lyric Dubee is ready to give his fans more. More…



Rogers TV LIVE performance

Jan 25, 2013 –  Partial interview. More…

 Stars To Come

Lyric Dubee “Alive”

Jan 26, 2013 – There are some really great sounds coming out of Canada and Lyric Dubee is leading the pack. He has always brought great music to his fans with his outstanding guitar playing and his gift for writing songs, he brings enjoyment to all. The great skills he has as an artist really showed through on his CD, “Broken Dreams’, but now he has out done himself with his new CD, “Alive”.   More…

Teens TV Channel 17

Hello Beautiful Music Video in Rotation

Jan 15, 2013 – “You are an amazing talent and I want to put your video in rotation on www.Teenschannel17.TV.”  More

 Gas House Radio

Lyric’s songs in regular rotation at Gashouse

Jan 15, 2013- 3 songs from Lyric’s debut album (Broken Dreams) were played in a song-off competition against the talented Amber Ladd.  Although he didn’t win, they put the songs into regular rotation!    More

 Rock 95 New Music Hourview larger…

Song from Lyric’s album featured on Rock 95 New Music Hour

Jan 13, 2013 - Rock 95 played “Ghost” from Lyric’s new album ALIVE on the New Music Hour.  More

 Rivenmaster Jan 9, 2013

Lyric Dubee Canada’s Next Big Rock/Pop Artist

Jan 8, 2013- Lyric has already attained some monumental pinnacles in his career.  This young Indi artist is not only an amazing performer and guitarist, but is an amazing song writer!  Lyric released his Debut Album last year and recently released his second CD  which includes Nine Original Songs.   More

 Vents Magazine

Lyric Dubee VENTS MAG Interview

Jan 8, 2013- Who’s Lyric Dubee?  I am 14 years old and I am a singer, songwriter and musician from Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  I perform and love many different genres of music from rock, pop, jazz, and country but I am mostly known for my blues influences.  I refuse to only play one genre of music so I have created a new genre called REVOLUTION ROCK which encompasses all the sounds into one.  More



Singing for ARCH

Aug 15, 2012 – Singer Lyric Dubee from Barrie, Ont. hits the right note at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion on Wednesday. Proceeds from his concert were donated to Algoma Residential Community Hospice.

Rivenmaster Article July 28, 2012

Lyric Dubee Extraordinary Musician, Vocalist and Songwriter

July 28, 2012 – Immediately I recognized that Lyric was another fine example of the quality of the amazing talent that Canada has been producing through this younger generation of musicians and vocalists.   More


Broken Dreams played on FM 88.1

Title track from Lyric’s debut album played on radio again.

Lyric Dubee live interview on CBC radio

Live interview on CBC radio

July 20, 2012 – Lyric does a live interview with Mike from the CBC morning show. Lyric discusses his future plans and how he goes about writing music. This is the link to the podcast of the cbc interview. Lyric’s interview starts at 37:49 on the timeline.    More

Lyric Dubee's Performance Reviewed in Kingston Newspaper

view larger….

Teen’s Music Beyond His Years

July 16, 2012 – The enthusiastic teen has already developed star appeal – with long, blonde hair and a confident stage presence, even while performing for passersby at the corner of King and Market streets.  More

Lyric Dubee on Humble & Fred Show

view larger….

Live Performance on Humble & Fred Show (K Rock 105.7)

July 13, 2012 – Lyric was interviewed and performed a new song from his upcoming album LIVE on the Humble and Fred Show while at the Kingston Buskers Rendevous.

Lyric Dubee review on Stars To Come

view larger….

Lyric Dubee “Canada’s Newest Superstar”

July 5, 2012 – Canada over the years has brought about some great superstars of music, like Shania Twain and Justin Bieber. Now we have another great artist coming from Canada, and he has the ability to be the greatest yet. Lyric Dubee will be, “Canada”s Newest Superstar”! More

Lyric Dubee NXNE

view larger….

Canadian Teen Lyric Dubee Brings “Broken Dreams” to NXNE Fest

Jun 14, 2012 – Looking like a cross between a hay tossin’ farm boy and a surfer dude, Lyric could easily be mistaken for another Bieberlike. Until he starts playing and singing and it comes to mind this is a whole different thing.  More

Lyric Dubee Young Gifted and Hot Article

view larger….

Lyric – Young, Gifted, Hot and at NXNE

June 8, 2012 – 2012 is set to be a huge year for the young dude.  More

Lyric Dubee at Cadillac Lounge

view larger….

Cashbox Magazine Article

May 2012 – Friends of Margaret Dinsdale Sugar Moon Music Rally in Music.  More

Lyric Dubee Album Featured on Cover of Cashbox Magazine

view larger….

Cashbox Magazine Cover

May 2012 – Lyric’s Broken Dreams debut album featured on cover of Cashbox Magazine in the Indie Issue

PPTV interview

Song ‘Hello Beautiful’ Featured on PPTV.CA’S Web Site

Apr 2012 – Interview for Get a sneak peek at a NEW song from his upcoming album!

Alan Cross Album Review

view larger….

Music review as Indie Artist on Alan Cross review

Apr 2012 – Breaking into “the business” at 14 is definitely a hard thing to do, but with things being the way they are today and most kids aspiring to be the next Youtube sensation, Dubee can actually sing and play.    More

view larger….

Getting The Blues

Jan 12, 2012 – Ivy’s getting the blues FridayLyric Dubee opens, Tom Fyfe headlines.   More

YouTube Interivew

Interview with Angela Campbell of JUSTEATIT.COM

Jan 2012 – Angela Campbell of interviews Lyric, Virgil Scott and others abouts Lyric’s performance at the The Hollywood on the Queensway “Happy New Year to Musicians” party.


Jango radio

view larger….

Spinning The CD On The Radio

Dec 2011 – Jango online radio station is playing songs from Lyric’s new album

SNAP Barrie New Music Festival review

view larger….

SNAP Newspaper Award Ceremony Review

August Issue – SNAP review of Award Ceremony

New Slang Episode

Watch for repeat programming on Rogers TV

Album Featured On TV Episode

Lyric’s album was showcased as soundtrack for one episode of Rogers TV new series “New Slang”. Interview took place
Wed, July 27, 2011 and it
aired Sept 18, 2011 at 8pm.

Young Musician Releases First Album

view larger….

Newspaper Article “Headed Towards Promising Music Career”

July 25, 2011 – Alliston Herald “Young musician releases first album: Lyric Dubee, 13, headed towards a promising music career”.  More

SNAP feature article

view larger….

SNAP Newspaper “Barrie New Music in Review” Feature Article:


BNMF award winner

view larger….

Lyric Wins 2011 Songwriting Award

July 17, 2011 - Lyric Dubee WON the BEST YOUNG SONGWRITER for his song “Broken Dreams” at the Barrie New Music Festival 2011!

Rogers TV Daytime Performance

view larger...

Rogers TV Daytime Interview and Performance

May 26, 2011Rogers TV – Lyric makes an appearance on DAYTIME and is interviewed by Glenn Coulson where he talks about the upcoming CD release party, his new CD Broken Dreams, and performs 2 songs from album

A Channel News Interview

May 16, 2011A Channel News – interview about texting and driving and “You Instead” video


Local News

view larger….

Radio News Hour Story

May 16, 2011 – OPP safe driving blitz coincides with Lyric’s “You Instead” release.

OPP Facebook

view larger….

OPP Feature Lyric’s Song “You Instead” On Facebook

May 13, 2011 – OPP has picked up “YOU INSTEAD” Lyric’s video on texting and driving and put it on their
Facebook page FROM OPP SITE: “An Ontario youth wrote and performed a song over a UK ad on distracted driving.Very powerful. Warning though, the ad is graphic. “

OPP news tweet

view larger….

OPP Tweet Lyric’s Song “You Instead”

May 13, 2011 – OPP has picked up “YOU INSTEAD” Lyric’s video on texting and driving and put it on their TWITTER

Rock 95 New Music Hour

view larger….

First Radio Play

April 24, 2011Rock 95.7 in Barrie played “You Instead”, a song about texting and driving, from Lyric’s debut CD on their
‘New Rock Hour’


BNMF 2010 Nomination

view larger….

Lyric Nominated at Music Festival

Lyric Dubee was nominated for
for his song”Hello Beautiful”
at the Barrie New Music Festival 2010

Sept 2010

view larger….

Barrie Newspaper

Sept 16, 2010 – Barrie Advance “Young singer to unveil his lyrics at festival”



Roger’s Night Time TV